Introducing Mrs. Itoh, Creator of the Kripik Ubi Recipe from Zona Madina

Kripik Ubi Zona Madina

BOGOR, WEST JAVA — Nurtured by Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa since 2021, Itoh Snack’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips have expanded their presence to numerous stores and minimarkets across the Bogor area. Crafted by Masyitoh (46) from her own home, as indicated on the packaging, these savory sweet chips have become a local favorite.

Residents of Parung or Bogor will likely recognize this popular snack, especially those acquainted with Dompet Dhuafa, who may have enjoyed these crisp, purple delights on several occasions.

This industrious mother of five, residing in Kemang District, Bogor Regency, West Java, embarked on her Purple Sweet Potato Chips venture in 2018 using just her home kitchen equipment. Initially, her production was solely based on direct orders.

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Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The production process of Purple Sweet Potato Chips in Mrs. Masyitoh’s humble home.
Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The process of cutting purple sweet potatoes.

Fatefully, Mrs. Masyitoh connected with the Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa team in 2021, which catalyzed the growth of her business, necessitating the procurement of up to 30 kilograms of raw sweet potatoes weekly, apart from special orders. With this supply, she managed to deliver 50 packets of 150 grams and 10 packets of 250 grams to the UMKM House. During Ramadan, she noted a surge in special hamper orders.

“Initially, I only produced on demand, peddling my goods from one shop to another,” recalled Mrs. Itoh during an interview on Thursday (4/1/2024).

Mulyadi, affectionately known as Mas Ges, serves as a mentor at the UMKM House Zona Madina, aiding in the promotion of products, including Mrs. Masyitoh’s. She is among the 39 MSMEs entrepreneurs receiving ongoing support from Zona Madina.

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Despite joining in 2022, Mrs. Itoh’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips initially faced community resistance, making customer acquisition a challenge. The UMKM House engaged in continuous evaluation and mentoring to address these hurdles.

“It appeared that the initial product quality was lacking, with a somewhat hard texture,” Ges disclosed.

Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The frying process of purple sweet potato chips.
Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The frying process of purple sweet potato chips.

In a significant turning point in mid-2023, Mrs. Masyitoh was invited to Malang, a city renowned for its fruit chips, particularly in Pujon, to refine her recipe alongside other MSMEs entrepreneurs.

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This endeavor proved fruitful, leading to an enhanced product upon her return. Mrs. Itoh’s chips, now boasting a competitive flavor, gained popularity among customers and made their way into numerous Bogor minimarkets.

“From then on, Mrs. Itoh’s purple sweet potato chips became highly sought after by customers and were stocked in many Bogor minimarkets,” Ges added.

Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The draining process of chips from oil.
Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The packaging process of sweet potato chips.

The UMKM House Zona Madina offers entrepreneurs more than just financial aid; it provides comprehensive support in recipe development, certification, training, packaging, and marketing.

Furthermore, the UMKM House Zona Madina encourages participation in local and national exhibitions, enhancing experiences, broadening horizons, and extending the market reach of their products.

“Alhamdulillah. The business has flourished and secured a special place in our customers’ hearts,” Mrs. Itoh expressed with joy.

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Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
The UMKM House is located in the Zona Madina area, Parung, Bogor.
Kripik Ubi Zona Madina
Itoh Snack’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips at a food stall in Bogor.

Mrs. Itoh remains committed to advancing her product line, continually seeking innovations to boost sales and revenue. Her family, particularly her two school-aged children (aged 14 and 16), depend on her and her husband’s efforts, with the latter’s construction job providing limited financial support. (Dompet Dhuafa/Muthohar)