Keep Living Life as a Humanity-based Human Being

JAKARTA — As an effort to improve the quality of life as a human being towards humanity, Dompet Dhuafa held a talk show “Mental Health”. This event was held at the Jakarta Humanity Festival (Jakhumfest) 2023 at Posbloc, Jakarta, Sunday (29/1/2023).

In this discussion segment, Dompet Dhuafa presented 2 (two) mental health practitioners as speakers. They were Raden Prisya who is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Rhaka Ghanisatria who is a Co-Founder of Menjadi Manusia.

The theme of the discussion was “Why We Should Stay Alive”. The discussion was very interesting, so that the visitors of Jakhumfest listened very solemnly to every presentation delivered.

The talk show about “Mental Health” at Jakhumfest 2023 was so meaningful.
The explanations from the speakers were translated into sign language for hearing-impaired friends to understand.

In his discussion, Rhaka Ghanisatria said that he was once at the stage of no passion in life. At that time, he did not know what it should be like. So what he did was to give himself time to be sad. He gave it time to feel it. That way, he said, he could be more aware of what he had done before, and what he was going to do afterwards.

In order to rise, one must first heal the wounds that exist. When someone falls to the very bottom, then he/she is forced to continue, then it will feel heavy and he/she will not even be able to.

“So feel the pain first, enjoy the pain first. Then if you’ve understood what happened and what to do, use it as a turning point to rise,” he explained.

Raden Prisya recounted her experience as a Mindfulness Practitioner
The talk show participants listened to the presentation enthusiastically.

She also advised not to hesitate and reluctant to consult with professionals, either psychologists or psychiatrists.

“I suggest, if indeed the problem is already so severe, go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. I clarify that it is normal, and don’t feel embarrassed,” she said.

In addition, according to Raden Prisya, a person experiences stress because they need someone else to recognize themselves. When one has inner wounds and trauma, he/she tries to save themselves. The way to save oneself is by proving to others that he/she is great. It can be by entering a famous campus, a great office, a fantastic salary, buying luxury goods and so on. This is to protect oneself from a sense of disrecognition.

Rhaka Ghanisatria explained how to be a real human being.
One of the participants asked a question to discuss.
The young couple paid attention to the presentation with focus.

Then the next phase, there will be a small voice from the heart that says, “I’m exhausted being like this, you know”. Furthermore, the person limits themselves by shutting themselves up, not wanting to meet people, and even often blaming themselves.

“These two mechanisms or phases must be able to be understood,” explained Prisya.

Rhaka again revealed that after experiencing being at his lowest point, he actually discovered how to actually be human. However, he continued, to discover how to be a human being, others do not need to fall first like himself.

“We can find it by caring for each other, sharing with each other, helping each other, doing good to each other. That way, our sense of humanity will grow and we will understand more about how to be a real human being,” he explained

The reason for continuing to live is to become a real human being by holding and practicing the principles of humanity. By caring for others, sympathy and empathy will continue to increase, so that gratitude will also increase. As a result, a person will live a life meaningfully. (Dompet Dhuafa/Muthohar)