Official Logo of Dompet Dhuafa

logo resmi Dompet Dhuafa

The Logo as an Integral Part of an Organization or Jenama or Brand. The logo plays a crucial role in forming a strong first impression and establishing the foundation of an organization’s identity, as seen with Dompet Dhuafa. It fosters loyalty towards Dompet Dhuafa’s mission of assisting people and sets it apart from other zakat institutions.

Dompet Dhuafa Logo


Over its 30-year tenure as an Islamic zakat and philanthropy institution, Dompet Dhuafa has changed its logo twice. This means Dompet Dhuafa has had three official logos over these three decades. The third logo, inspired by the tip of a javelin, has been in use the longest and, God willing, will be the final logo of Dompet Dhuafa.

logo resmi Dompet Dhuafa

This logo was last changed in 2010, with its replacement officially announced at the DD Award 2010 ceremony held at the Auditorium Graha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Cikini, Central Jakarta. This coincided with the 17th anniversary of Dompet Dhuafa on July 2, 2010.

Philosophy of the Dompet Dhuafa Logo

The 2010 logo change signified that this zakat institution would continue to evolve dynamically, while still upholding the core values that have been Dompet Dhuafa’s principles, namely empowering the less fortunate.

The current Dompet Dhuafa logo, in use for 13 years, embodies the spirit of continuously moving forward for the greater good. The javelin tip was chosen for its association with “hunting,” symbolizing Dompet Dhuafa’s endeavor to “hunt” for social funds from wealthier individuals while adhering to ethical norms. It also represents the pursuit of mustahik (the less fortunate) across the country, aiding them in becoming empowered and prosperous.

Unlike its predecessor, the fishing hook, which symbolized encouragement to strive but seemed passive, the javelin tip logo conveys a more active effort to achieve objectives.

Components of the Dompet Dhuafa Logo

bagian logo dompet dhuafa

Moving Forward:

The upward right arrow signifies a progressive movement towards an empowered society.


bagian logo dompet dhuafa

The diamond-shaped triangle or javelin tip stresses that Dompet Dhuafa must be proactive. It should actively and quickly target donors while simultaneously pursuing mustahik (the less fortunate) globally.

bagian logo dompet dhuafa

Dignity, Devotion:

The two adjacent ‘D’s represent Dompet Dhuafa’s dedication to elevating the dignity of benefit recipients through comprehensive empowerment.

Humanity, Islam:

bagian logo dompet dhuafa

The Dompet Dhuafa logotype, using the Humanst 521 Bt font in green, underscores the movement’s foundation in the spirit of Humanity and Islam.

Use of the Logo

The Dompet Dhuafa logo can be used in four specific colors as outlined below, depending on its application. The use of any colors other than these four, or altering the logo’s base color of green, is not permitted.

penggunaan logo dompet dhuafa
The Four Official Colors for Using the Dompet Dhuafa Logo