Economy Program


As a step to realize the empowerment and economic independence of the community, Dompet Dhuafa designed an empowerment program in the economic sector. The program is a form of utilizing zakat, infak, alms, and waqf funds (ZISWAF) mandated by donors. In addition to ZISWAF, in the development of economic programs, Dompet Dhuafa also designed blended finance schemes and collaborations.

The economic empowerment of Dompet Dhuafa aims to raise the dignity of life of mustahik, dhuafa and underprivileged communities with an orientation of increasing income. From the program, Dompet Dhuafa donors expect mustahiks to have knowledge about business, the ability to access capital, minimize risks, manage businesses, markets and control economic assets.

Healthy Agriculture, People’s Livestock, Creative MSMEs, Social Trust Fund, Agroindustry, Livestock Centers, Family Food Gardens, Cash for Work, are various economic empowerment programs. Then, as a program development and innovation, Dompet Dhuafa presents DD Farm as a development of an economic empowerment area based on agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry. There are more than 1,000 hectares of agricultural land, dozens of livestock centers and a million fishery centers present in the development of DD Farm, which will certainly continue to grow along the way.

The collaboration of both donors, stakeholders to empower mustahik or beneficiaries is a strategic step in strengthening and succeeding economic programs. Because of the empowerment of the economic program, Dompet Dhuafa manages the donor mandate and rolls it out for beneficiaries ranging from training, capital, assistance to monitoring and evaluation.

Then the application of technology by prioritizing the treasures of local wealth, institutional factors, partnership patterns that are equal, mutually beneficial, and mutually presenting links between the government, farmers/producers, the private sector, and technology provider institutions. So that it can be applied to lift and advance economic empowerment programs.