Education Program

The educational development carried out by the Dompet Dhuafa Human Development Institute (LPI DD) focuses on managing high-quality educational programs with a vision of realizing an empowered Indonesia through a qualified education model and four missions, i.e., To become a qualified education model, to produce exceptional and strategic human resources, to construct good organizational governance, to build and optimize strategic networks.

The benefit development of this educational program has been felt instantly by 53,345 beneficiaries throughout Indonesia. As many as 602 direct beneficiary students, 4,537 indirect beneficiary students, 1,058 college students, 26,006 public participations, 57 leadership projects, 5,982 teachers, 233 schools, 23 community reading parks, and 14,847 library service visits. The qualified education programs currently managed are SMART Ekselensia Indonesia, eTahfizh, Ethos ID, Bakti Nusa and Youlead, Sekolah Literasi Indonesia, Sekolah Guru Indonesia, KOMED (Learning Media Community), and Makmal Pendidikan.

The Dompet Dhuafa LPI program implementation covers the education scope of various stakeholders from the formal, informal, to non-formal sectors. The essence is “Benefits Must Continue to Flow,” which drives the program benefits development not only limited to direct beneficiaries. The development also aims to make these direct beneficiaries contribute to developing the educational quality around them.

SMART Ekselensia Indonesia

SMART Ekselensia Indonesia is a 5-year formal education program consisting of three years of junior high school and two years of high school through the Semester Credit System (SKS) program aimed at male students from financially underprivileged families but academically outstanding. Since 2004, SMART Ekselensia has graduated 13 batches with 717 beneficiaries in total.


Ekselensia Tahfizh School is a human resources investment program for children who graduate from Junior High Schools /MTs or equivalent with academic capabilities but with financial limitations. eTahfizh is a non-formal high school level school that focuses on tahfizh, dirosah Islamiyah, and leadership with a target of students able to memorize 30 Juz within three years.

Etos ID

The Etos ID program, in collaboration with dozens of universities, is a strategic HR investment program through the improvement and development of youth’s (students) capacity and integrity as drivers of regional development towards an empowered Indonesia.

The Youths come from underprivileged families who graduated from the State University, joined the Etos ID program, and are committed to participating in the Etos ID program for four years. They will earn facilities such as allowance, semester fees, interest mapping and talents, capacity building, and social movement. They will be prepared to contribute to building the post-program area.

Bakti Nusa and YOULEAD

Bakti Nusa and Youlead are post-campus leadership development programs for student activists. The program commenced in 2011 and has fostered ten batches with a total of 518 beneficiaries spread across the 22 best state universities in 13 regions of Indonesia.

Coaching activities are carried out in three domains: national coaching, regional development, and personal assignments (initiating leadership projects, publishing books, writing in the media, and fostering foster siblings -students at the lower level). These foster siblings are members of the young leaders’ program (Youlead). A total of 200 foster siblings from 70 campuses have been fostered, and more than 200 social project ideas were initiated by Youlead beneficiaries, with 57 leadership projects initiated and managed by Bakti Nusa

Indonesia School for Teacher

Sekolah Guru Indonesia (SGI) is a leadership mentoring program for teachers. The benefits of the SGI program have been distributed across 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. They have fostered 4,914 direct beneficiary teachers, thus becoming the driving force for sustainability benefits to tens of thousands of other teachers.

Sekolah Guru Indonesia collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Culture in a mobilizing organization program that assists 100 schools and 600 teachers in 11 districts/cities. Then, collaborating with the Learning Teacher Foundation in the Nusantara Educators Meeting program. SGI also collaborates with Telkom University in the Digital Literacy Teacher program in South Sumatra.

Indonesia Literacy School

Indonesia Literacy School (Sekolah Literasi Indonesia/SLI) is a program that focuses on developing a literacy culture throughout the educational ecosystem, including formal, informal, and non-formal education. Since 2015, SLI has assisted 192 schools and 19 TBM across 20 provinces and 46 cities/regencies. The literacy program assistance has reached 3,816 teachers as direct beneficiaries and 35,980 students as indirect beneficiaries.

Kawan SLI is a team of program facilitators who will carry out intensive training and mentoring in the program area. In addition, this program forms communities as outputs by founding at least one community for each scope in one program area.

Learning Media Community (Komed)

The Learning Media Community (KOMED) is a semi-formal program as a forum for teachers to innovate and make various learning media.

Makmal Pendidikan

Makmal Pendidikan is interpreted as a documentation laboratory that delivers improvement, development, and innovation of educational programs within the framework of the excellent system, research culture, holistic assessment, and educational advocacy efforts focusing on the Center of Educational Study and Advocacy (CESA). CESA is a strategic study laboratory for education and Quality Research and Development (QRD) that carries out the function of quality assurance of the institutional system, the quality of the program, and the management of the knowledge (documents) of the institution.