Health Program

In the health program, Dompet Dhuafa established various health institutions. The goal is to serve the entire mustahik with an easy and integrated system.

Since 2001, Dompet Dhuafa has started an active role in the health sector to serve the poor. Through the Free Health Service (LKC) program, various interventions in the health sector are present. Both are preventive, promotive and curative. LKC provides access to decent and optimal health services on an unpaid basis for the poor.

Along the way, LKC Dompet Dhuafa must serve dhuafa patients who need specialist services, hospitalization and operative actions. That’s why Dompet Dhuafa through the Rumah Sehat Terpadu Foundation established a referral-level health service that will provide hospital-class referral-level health services. The service is called The Integrated Healthy House Hospital (RST) Dompet Dhuafa which has been officially serving since July 4, 2012.

The journey above, continues to cut Dompet Dhuafa to develop health services for the dhuafa and underprivileged people even better. In addition to complete services ranging from polyclinics, specialist doctors, operating rooms, inpatients, ER, pharmacies, to complementary treatment methods. Dompet Dhuafa also expands health services to various parts of Indonesia. So that more beneficiaries will feel the service.

Until now, Dompet Dhuafa has developed level 1 health facilities with a total of 19 Healthy Outlet Clinics, 71 Healthy Posts, and 1 Floating Clinic Unit. Then in the services of level 2 health facilities there are several hospital services, including hospitals. Integrated Healthy House, RSIA Sayyidah, RS. AKA Medika Sribhawono, RS. Mata Achmad Wardi, RS. Griya Medika Tulangbawang, RS. Yellow Sassy, and RS. Hashim Asyari Tebuireng. All of them are spread throughout Indonesia, both healthy outlets, clinics, and hospitals. Rolling with the collaboration of zakat funds, infak, alms and waqf (Ziswaf). Because seha belongs to all.