Providing Education, Dompet Dhuafa Holds Seminar & Funeral Retirement Education in Cipondoh District


TANGERANG – The Funeral Retirement Section or Bagian Pemulasaraan Jenazah (BARZAH) Lembaga Pelayan Masyarakat (LPM) of Dompet Dhuafa again held a Seminar & Education for the Retirement of the Corpse at the Cipondoh District Office, Tangerang on Friday (7/4/23).

This seminar is one of the educational programs from BARZAH for the amil corpse. Not only in one place this funeral retirement education will also be held in two other places during Ramadan, namely at the An Naasul Haadi Mosque in Depok on Saturday (8/4/23) and the Bekasi Islamic Center on Sunday (16/4/23).

The seminar entitled “The Spirit of Building Concern for Glorifying Humans under Sharia, Health, and State Law Principles” (“Semangat Membangun Kepedulian Memuliakan Manusia Sesuai Kaidah Syariat, Kesehatan, dan Hukum Negara”) was attended in collaboration between Dompet Dhuafa, the Tangerang City Community Consultative Body (Bamus), the Cipondoh branch of the Indonesian Mosque Council, and the Tangerang Regency Government.

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Gives the material related to the retirement of the corpse both from the law, from health, and according to Islamic law.
Group photo with Vice Mayor of Tangerang, Head of LPM Dompet Dhuafa, Head of Tangerang City Metro Police, Cipondoh Sub-District, Cipondoh Sub-District Police, Head of DMI Cipondoh, Head of Bamus Mascot Tangerang, and seminar participants.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Tangerang, Sachrudin, Head of LPM Dompet Dhuafa, M. Noor Awaluddin, Head of Tangerang City Metro Police, Cipondoh Sub-District Sub-District, Cipondoh Sub-District Police, Head of DMI Cipondoh, Head of Bamus Mascot Tangerang and other speakers who filled the seminar. Participants who attended this activity also reached 96 people.

“This seminar is expected to increase human resources and the capacity of existing knowledge and abilities related to the rules regarding the retirement of corpses. Learning also has no limits, so the corpse can also learn at any time, especially about this retirement so that it will not be wrong later,” said Sachrudin, Deputy Mayor of Tangerang, in his speech which also opened the seminar.

According to the Head of LPM Dompet Dhuafa, interesting things from this seminar were outside the previous one. If the material presented is usually only about the corpse’s retirement in Sharia, this time is different. The deceased was given other insights specifically related to cases of funeral retirement.

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“For example, there are bodies like in Covid cases, so disease transmission is possible. Then there are also the corpses of natural disasters, of course, retirement is a little different. As with the bodies of crime victims, the retirement should not be arbitrary, “explained Awaluddin.

Participants of the Seminar & Funeral Retirement Education in Cipondoh District on Friday (7/4/23).

He also explained that there were materials submitted by the police, the head of the puskesmas so that later the problems behind the death of the body could be resolved first.

This is additional material for the corpse so that in the future, when they find certain cases, they already understand and can coordinate with the police or ask a doctor to improve the retirement process.

Besides seminars, LPM Dompet Dhuafa also plans to place a free hearse in Cipondoh District which will later be used for the benefit of the local community.

“Today’s seminar is a series of LPM activities, one by the Barzah Team in this Ramadan. It is hoped that it can provide wider benefits to the community in the Cipondoh area. In the future, we will place a hearse in this area which hopefully can facilitate services for people in need,” said M. Noor Awaluddin.

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M. Noor Awaluddin as Head of LPM Dompet Dhuafa together with colleagues of LPM Dompet Dhuafa.
The Seminar & Funeral Retirement Education participants actively asked questions in the discussion session.

Seminar participants also seemed enthusiastic about participating in the seminar until the end. They actively asked the speakers about the initiation of the corpse. Aida (44), one of the participants who attended, also told the reason for her presence.

“One of them is for my education, and in the future, it can be useful for others. Because this material is important, I also gained knowledge related to the retirement of the corpse such as which parts should not be touched, how to retire for those with special conditions. Especially later if a family dies, so we already know the knowledge,” said Aida.

She said this seminar was beneficial because the presentation was complete. Starting from how to retire according to law, according to health, and according to Islamic law.

“Moreover, there was material from the Chief of Police, so we know what if someone dies with a certain case, how about the corpse with special care, what are the signs either natural or unnatural,” concluded Aida. (Dompet Dhuafa/Awalia R)