Sacrificial Cow Price 2023? Starting from Rp1,9 million at Dompet Dhuafa

“Dad, Mom, if there is sustenance, do you want to sacrifice?” said a child to his parents. “God willing, pray for you and your mother so that you can sacrifice and the price of sacrificial cows in 2023 can be paid,” said a father full of happiness. It is delightful if the family reminds each other how important it is to carry out the sacrificial service. What are the tips that must be done before buying sacrificial animals, and what are the cost details? Come on, let us look at this article review!

Tips Before Buying Sacrificial Animals 2023

1. Prepare the intention to buy sacrificial animals to get the pleasure of Allah SWT

Sacrificial worship is a muakkad sunnah (highly recommended) for those who can carry out sacrificial services. Before discussing the cost of sacrifice, Muslims must have great intentions in carrying out the sacrificial worship solely for Allah SWT. In addition to the sacrifice of His servants, sacrificial worship has a high social dimension to help our fellow Muslim brothers. Before taking it too far, intend from the heart that we are ready to sacrifice to get pleasure from Allah SWT. The key is to focus on seeking pleasure from Allah SWT, not praise only

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2. Proper financial planning before buying a sacrificial cow 2023

tabungan kurban

“Mom, let’s budget to buy sacrificial animals this year, shall we? Hopefully, we can budget the price of sacrificial cattle in 2023. Aamiin” said the husband when he saw his wife counting the coffers of money she had. It is more than just a significant intention to carry out the sacrificial service following the commands of Allah SWT and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Technically, we need funds to pay the cost of qurban and the existence of proper financial planning.

It would be nice if saving money had been prepared a year ago so that the plan to buy sacrificial animals could be realised. For example, the price of one sacrificial cow costs at least Rp 12 million, in 12 months, you can save as much as Rp 1 million. For budget details and savings, it can be adjusted to the salary income you have.

3. Selection of trusted sacrificial animal distribution institutions

There are already many sacrificial animal distribution institutions in Indonesia that serve the purchase of sacrificial animals, slaughtering and distributing sacrificial animals to people in need. To be calmer in distributing sacrificial animal funds, entrust them to institutions certified by the government, the legality is trusted, financial statements are open, and many people have used the institution’s services.

Muslim friends do not need to be confused. Dompet Dhuafa is one of the institutions that has been trusted for 29 years to help Muslim friends to channel their funds. Do not hesitate to donate your sustenance to Dompet Dhuafa to get the price of sacrificial cows in 2023 that suits your budget.

sapi kurban

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The Price of Sacrificial Cattle 2023 in Dompet Dhuafa is Very Affordable

Overthinking the high price of sacrificial cows in 2023 may haunt you anytime. Take it easy. The price of sacrificial cows in the Dompet Dhuafa institution can provide various choices. Starting from only IDR 1,975,000, you can sacrifice (1/7 cow). Maybe it would be better to invite relatives, relatives, and other friends to a joint venture to buy one cow, which is Rp 13,800,000. God willing, it will be light if we choose a package that suits the financial budget and does not burden your family financially.

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Buy Sacrificial Cow 2023 Only in Dompet Dhuafa

What are you waiting for? Bismillah, with the real intention of carrying out the sacrificial worship solely because of Allah SWT, sufficient sustenance, and a place to buy a trusted sacrificial cow, you can carry out the sacrificial worship calmly and happily. Hurry up and click here for more detailed information regarding the 2023 sacrificial cattle prices. Make sure your sacrificial worship is more meaningful this year with Dompet Dhuafa.