Schoolunteer 2024 Officially Launched! DDV Facilitates Youth Ideas for a Better Environment

Schoolunteer 2024

JAKARTA — Schoolunteer 2024 is officially underway! Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer (DDV) is continuously growing, ensuring the sustainability of Dompet Dhuafa’s vision, mission, and community programs. DDV is also dedicated to the cadreship process, ensuring the widespread transfer of volunteerism values.

Through the Schoolunteer Program, Dompet Dhuafa guarantees the optimal facilitation of value transfer and the finest ideas from students across Indonesia. On Saturday (18/11/2023), DDV hosted the Open House for Schoolunteer 2024 via Zoom Meeting, which was also live-streamed on the Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer YouTube channel.

Prima Hadi Putra, Director of Communication and Technology at Dompet Dhuafa, officially opened Schoolunteer 2024. This competition for innovative ideas at the junior and senior high school levels nationwide is organized to foster a better environment. Ideas can span various sectors, including humanity, environment, health, education, culture, technology, and more.

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DDV Buka Schoolunteer 2024

DDV Buka Schoolunteer 2024

The 2024 theme for Schoolunteer is “Let’s Help Your Surrounding.” Prima Hadi Putra outlined five key reasons for youth involvement in social projects: enhancing social awareness, developing leadership skills, cultivating humanitarian values, building social networks, and achieving self-fulfillment and self-actualization.

“This initiative serves as a platform for self-actualization. I believe leadership can be nurtured from a young age, and Schoolunteer is our effort to foster a spirit of leadership. This is achievable only by engaging in community activities,” said Putra.

Habib Mailul A, Founder of Fiksioner Indonesia and a Technical Team member of the National Achievement Center at the Ministry of Education and Culture, also spoke at the Schoolunteer 2024 launch. He emphasized the opportunity for students to contribute to a better community through social projects.

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DDV Buka Schoolunteer 2024

DDV Buka Schoolunteer 2024

“By consistently spreading this spirit, incredible outcomes can be achieved. It shifts the focus from personal gain to contributing towards a better environment, which is a current global demand,” he noted.

Habib expressed his hope that social projects through Schoolunteer would promote noble ideals, with a vision for Indonesia by 2045 to become a beacon of global civilization and a hub for humanitarian development, characterized by a prosperous, talented, healthy, happy, and mutually supportive community.

“Let’s collaborate to turn this vision into reality by 2045. Let’s unite and make a significant impact,” added Habib.

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DDV Buka Schoolunteer 2024

Triana Rahmawati, an alumnus of the Dompet Dhuafa Bakti Nusa Scholarship, shared her insights on creating impactful social projects within the community.

“Share your inspiration, motivation, and vision on social media to bring your creative initiatives to life. Social projects are not just about extending kindness but about connecting kindness and possibly even changing someone’s fortune,” Tria suggested.

She also highlighted the importance of effective pitching techniques for social movers, including identifying community issues, setting clear goals, targets, and activities, listing project achievements, and acknowledging one’s efforts.

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In closing, the Director of Communication and Technology at Dompet Dhuafa reiterated that participation in social projects not only contributes to social improvement but also fosters holistic personal development, character building, and readiness to contribute more broadly to society.

Schoolunteer 2024 invites junior and senior high school students from all over Indonesia to participate. Let’s Realize Your Good Ideas! Click (Dompet Dhuafa/Anndini)