SLI Strengthens Collaboration with Education Offices in 11 Regions

NTB — The Indonesian Literacy School (SLI) Dompet Dhuafa, through the Mobilizing Organization Program (POP), held a visit to the POP SLI-assisted area in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara, on Wednesday (15/2/2023).

The visit and gathering included:

  • The presentation of the report on program achievements in 2022.
  • Program socialisation in 2023.
  • A Focus Group Discussion (FGD).
  • The signing of an MoU.

Visits and gatherings with the education office were held in 10 other regions at different times. Kulon Progo Regency will be held on Wednesday (15/2/2023), Asahan Regency will be held on February 16, 2023, Gowa Regency and Takalar Regency on Monday (20/2/2023), then Bima Regency, Batu Bara Regency, Donggala Regency, Hulu Sungai Utara Regency and East Lombok Regency will be held on Thursday (23/2/2023). For Bogor Regency, it will be held on Sunday (26/2/2023).

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Drs. H. Rifaid, M.Pd, Head of the Dompu District Education Office, welcomed the SLI team and gave appreciation for being willing to make the Dompu area one of the SLI POP targets. In addition, he also gave a message that only ten schools would benefit from POP SLI.

“I hope that in the future, there will be an increase in knowledge and benefits to other schools that are not only SLI-assisted schools. So that knowledge and literacy development can expand in this region,” he said.

He felt that the knowledge and knowledge compiled by SLI was very diverse and useful.

“Hopefully, this Regional Facilitator team can work on this improvement in the future. Because I feel that the knowledge and knowledge from SLI is very diverse and useful,” he continued.

The momentum of the friendship with the education office carried out by the SLI team also ignited the enthusiasm of the supervisors who were also present. As in the Donggala Regency area, the supervisors who were also present also gave responses at the FGD session. 

“It’s exciting that the program also benefits supervisors in carrying out their duties. It would be nice if, in the future, it could continue to involve the supervisor in its activities,” said Anshor, the supervisory representative who was also present. (Dompet Dhuafa/LPI/Muthohar)