SMART Ekselensia Indonesia Hosts OHARA 2023: Uniting Young Harmony in Cultural Expression

Olimpiade Humaniora Nusantara atau OHARA 2023

BOGOR, WEST JAVASMART Ekselensia Indonesia is once again hosting the Nusantara Humanities Olympiad or OHARA 2023. This annual national-scale event is participated in by hundreds of students from all over Indonesia. OHARA itself has been held since 2009. Now in its 15th year, OHARA is greeting the young cultural warriors of Indonesia with the theme “Unite Young Harmony in Cultural Expression.”

According to the Brand Activation of Dompet Dhuafa’s Human Development Institute (LPI DD), Akhie Ramadhan, this theme was chosen to remind the Generation-Z about the importance of caring for, preserving, and taking pride in Indonesian culture.

“In OHARA this year, we invite the youth to be more culturally literate. So they can maintain Indonesia’s identity,” he said.

Akhie Ramadhan added that amidst the prevalent negative news about students in the country, OHARA is believed to be able to accommodate various positive aspects of Indonesia’s current young generation.

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OHARA 2023 was held on Wednesday and Thursday October 23-24, 2023, at SMART Ekselensia Indonesia, Parung, Bogor. This event, dedicated to junior and senior high school students and equivalent in Indonesia, was participated by 600 contestants from various parts of the archipelago.

Opening OHARA 2023, the Head of LPI DD, Mulyadi Saputra, expressed his pride in the Z-generation for maximizing Indonesian culture through various creations on digital platforms. He asserted that OHARA is the right forum for young people to channel their intelligence in creative fields.

“Intelligence is not just about science, humanities are included in it,” he concluded.

Different from previous years, OHARA 2023 featured eight competitions. They include Lintas Nusantara (Lintara), Opera Van Jampang (OVJ), Story Telling, Festival of Nusantara Culinary Acculturation (FAKN), Video Competition, Digital Poster, Silat Seni, and Futsal Boarding School. The participants competed for the West Java Governor’s Cup, as well as development funds worth tens of millions of rupiah.

Olimpiade Humaniora Nusantara atau OHARA 2023

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In addition to high school students, OHARA also targets humanities practitioners, cultural enthusiasts, and institutions concerned with the development of humanities. Mulyadi Saputra revealed that OHARA 2023 is a forum for applying societal and social values that are becoming rare in the younger generation. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining and preserving Indonesian culture.

On this occasion, the participants were also invited to reflect on the rich and unique cultures of Indonesia through a series of artistic performances that foster the love of youth for their nation.

“We want OHARA this year to further foster the spirit and love of the young generation for Indonesian culture,” said Bilal, the Chairman of the OHARA 2023 Committee.

All students of SMART Ekselensia Indonesia were actively involved in the success of this annual event. They worked together to prepare the concept, ideas, and final execution so that OHARA went well.

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“We try to involve all SMART students to have a strong bond with each other. In addition, we also want them to love Indonesia more,” he emphasized.

“The Nusantara Humanities Olympiad is a very positive competition for high school students amid the prevalence of negative news about students in the country,” said the Head of Education Office of Bogor Regency, Juanda Dimansyah.

“I hope that OHARA can accommodate various positive things owned by the young generation of Indonesia,” he continued.

OHARA is not only about emphasizing love for culture but also invites young people to love their own country’s culture, to ensure it endures through time. (Dompet Dhuafa/LPI)