The capacity of 500 sheep, Dompet Dhuafa Central Java and YBM BRILiaN Inaugurate BRILiaN FARM

KENDAL, CENTRAL JAVA — Dompet Dhuafa Central Java and YBM BRILiaN have inaugurated BRILiaN FARM in Kendal on Saturday (11/3/2023). BRILiaN FARM is a collaboration program between Dompet Dhuafa and YBM BRILiaN in animal husbandry with a capacity of 500 sheep to prepare the stock of sacrificial animals in Central Java. By utilizing mustahik and residents around the village, the BRILiaN Cage program is expected to change the community’s standard of living.

Besides being attended by beneficiaries and residents, the inauguration of BRILiaN FARM was also attended by Mr. Yunianto as Head of Pagerwojo Village, Mr. Alfebian Yulando as Head of Limbangan Sub-District, Mr. Zaini Tafrikhan as Head of Dompet Dhuafa Central Java Branch and team, Mr. Udhi Tri Kurniawan as GM of Economy and Development of Dompet Dhuafa Branch, Mr. Dian Jati Utomo as Management of YBM BRILiaN Regional Office Semarang,  Mr. Fleming as the Management of the YBM BRILiaN Program Empowerment Mustahik Sector, as well as a representative from the Yorkodim Kendal Agricultural Office.

Held from 08:00-12:00, the inauguration of BRILiaN FARM was opened with Jatilan sendra Tari Rama Sinta art by the Limbangan Art Group. Participants and the public seemed enthusiastic because the opening of traditional dance arts was entertaining.

Zaini Tafrikhan, Head of Dompet Dhuafa Central Java Branch, said that Dompet Dhuafa is very open and happy to collaborate with YBM BRILiaN friends. Because of the YBM BRILiaN program, it is not only one or two people who get benefits, but it can be up to hundreds or even thousands. Starting from cage workers to beneficiaries of sacrificial meat later.

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BRILiaN FARM is built on 4,200 square meters of land. BRILiaN FARM land is land leased for 10 years from Pagerwojo Village.

“Alhamdulillah, a day of inauguration but the benefits can be up to ten years in the future. Benefits for Pagerwojo Village and Central Java,” said Udhi Tri Kurniawan.

“The YBM BRILiaN cage program is a program that we collaborate with Dompet Dhuafa in various provinces in East Java, Jogja and others. We hope to collaborate with the livestock program and other programs, “said Fleming, Management of the YBM BRILiaN Central YBM Program Mustahik Empowerment.

After the opening series, all participants were invited to tour the cage by the Manager of BRILian FARM, Arif Fajar Hidayat, starting from the cage, feed house, and slaughterhouse. (Dompet Dhuafa / Central Java / Dhika)