The Young Spirit of Vespa 60s Jabodetabek Community Moved to Help Cianjur Residents

CIANJUR, WEST JAVA — The Vespa 60s Jabodetabek community distributed assistance in a number of humanitarian funds for emergency response handling for survivors affected by the earthquake in Cianjur through Dompet Dhuafa, on Sunday (27/11/2022). They came all the way from Jakarta to the location of the Dompet Dhuafa Main Post at the Cianjur News Agency, Nagrak Village, Cianjur District, to hand over this assistance directly.

Taqi Falsafati as the PIC of Emergency Response to the Cianjur earthquake, Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa said, this was proof that good friends who consisted of young people also had a high level of concern. The handling of survivors affected by the earthquake in Cianjur continued to grow. Good friends from Jabodetabek to outside Jabodetabek continued to be moved to see the conditions affected by the earthquake in Cianjur.

“We from Dompet Dhuafa are greatly helped by the good deed of our fellow donors of the Jabodetabek Vespa 60s Community. We will always channel the mandates entrusted to us and provide the best service to the affected survivors,” explained Taqi.

For the Vespa 60s Jabodetabek Community, helping each other is a must-do. That way, a person will be able to get through all the trials that exist.

“Because everyone must have a social spirit. Pleasing others by giving the slightest help sincerely will give happiness and reward, because if we are in the opposite position, then we will also need help from others,” said Robby Mauluddi as a representative of the Jabodetabek Vespa 60s Community.

The Vespa 60s Jabodetabek community greets the beneficiaries of Dompet Dhuafa programs using their motorcycles

The donation rolled out by the Jabodetabek Vespa 60s Community was the result of fundraising from a charity concert held last Saturday (26/11/2022) at the Al Qalam Citra Grand Cibubur Mosque.

Their decision to trust Dompet Dhuafa as an aid distributor institution was seen from the history of Dompet Dhuafa which has been mandated to distribute assistance from the partner and the donor.

“Dompet Dhuafa has been widely known as an aid distributor agency. The response and service of each program that is carried out, are always planned and maximized,” Robby continued.

Driving their favorite vespa vehicle, they together with the Dompet Dhuafa Disaster Management Center (DMC) team reviewed one of the refuge camps for survivors affected by the earthquake at the Al-Humaediyyah Foundation, Awilarangan Kidul Village, Benjot Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency.

“It’s a sense of compassion of all the families that are affected, getting into trouble from things. Material losses and the loss of those closest to them, erasing their happiness and normal activities,” Robby explained when he saw the survivors who lived in a tarpaulin.

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Until now, Dompet Dhuafa through the DMC unit, Community Service Agency (LPM), Health Emergency Response (RDK) Free Health Services (LKC), and Corps Dai Dompet Dhuafa (CORDOFA) has provided SAR & Evacuation services that are able to find 15 victims buried in the rubble, Health Services are able to help 2,251 people, Food Logistics Distribution Services are able to give assistance to 4,715 people, Non-Food Logistics Distribution Services are able to help 330 people,  Barzah Services are able to benefit 42 people, Psychological Services are able to help 419 people, and Cleanliness is Healthy Services are able to provide assistance to 417 people (data as of November 27, 2022).

“For the collaborative assistance from the Vespa 60s Jabodetabek Community, we would like to thank you profusely,” concluded Taqi. (Dompet Dhuafa / DMC / Fajar)