Understanding Morning Charity: A Spiritual and Social Practice

Among the deeds that bring blessings into our lives and garner the favor of Allah SWT, morning charity stands out. Derived from the Arabic “shodaqoh,” which roots in “sidiq” meaning truth, charity in Islam is deeply tied to authenticity and sincerity.

Defined as the act of willingly donating a part of one’s wealth for Allah SWT’s sake, with pure intentions and without any expectation of worldly return, charity holds a special place when done at specific times, notably during the morning.

The Virtues of Morning Charity

Morning charity carries with it several distinct blessings, outlined as follows:

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Illustration of charity given to the need

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Divine Advocacy by Angels

Charitable acts performed in the early hours are observed and blessed by angels. If coupled with prayers, such acts have the potential to make one’s supplications more likely to be accepted, smooth out the flow of sustenance, and facilitate the resolution of difficulties.

“Each morning, two angels descend to Earth. One prays for those who give in charity, saying, ‘O Allah, compensate those who give freely.’ The other curses the stingy, praying, ‘O Allah, bring ruin upon those who withhold.'” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Eradication of Sins

Morning charity acts as a purifier, erasing sins in a manner akin to water extinguishing fire, as highlighted in a hadith narrated by Tirmidzi. The rewards for such charitable acts are abundant, cleansing us of our misdeeds.

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Blessing in Wealth

Charity, especially in the morning, ensures that our remaining wealth is imbued with blessing. It not only aids those in need but also secures divine pleasure, enhancing the spiritual value of our material possessions.

Protection from Hellfire

Keutamaan sedekah menurut al quran dan hadits

Morning charity serves as a shield, multiplying our rewards and diminishing our sins, which in turn, distances us from the peril of hellfire. This virtue of charity aligns with the saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH:

“Protect yourself from the fire, even with half a date in charity.”  (Muttafaq ‘alaih)

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Shade on the Day of Judgment

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH explained through the following hadith:

“Every person is in the shade of their charity (on the Day of Judgment) until it is decided among people, or he said: ‘Judgment is passed among people.’ Yazid said, ‘Abdul Khair never passed a day without giving something in charity, even if it was just a piece of cake, an onion, or the like.'” (Narrated by Al-Baihaqi, Al-Hakim, and Ibn Khuzaimah)

On the Plain of Gathering, the heat of the sun will be intense because the sun will be close to people’s heads. Thus, acts of charity can provide shade for His servants.

Expanding the Scope of Morning Charity

Is it confined to monetary donations in a mosque’s collection box? Not at all. Morning charity transcends monetary aid, encompassing any act of kindness, like assisting a family member or friend in need or feeding the underprivileged at dawn.

In today’s digital age, opportunities for morning charity extend beyond physical locations to digital platforms. One such avenue is through the Dompet Dhuafa (DD Apps) application, which facilitates charitable giving. For those interested, morning charity can also be performed by visiting the following link: