Your Waqf Well Gives Life and Flows Goodness in Ciomas Banten

Dompet Dhuafa inaugurated a waqf well at the Riyyadul Huffaz Islamic boarding school, Ciomas, Banten. The construction of the waqf well took about a month. The waqf well is a waqf from Dompet Dhuafa donors who have entrusted the goodness of their waqf to be channeled into goods.

 The inauguration ceremony was held on Thursday (16/2/2023). It was attended by the Chairman of the Miftahul Fatah Foundation Agus Fatoni, the Dompet Dhuafa (DD) Banten Zamaksyari Program Team, the Central Dompet Dhuafa team, Islamic boarding school administrators, and several surrounding communities.

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The manager of the waqf and the Chairman of the Miftahul Fatah Foundation, Agus Fatoni, expressed his gratitude for the completion of the construction of the waqf well, along with sanitation for the students and the surrounding residents. This well waqf is an effort by Dompet Dhuafa with donors to help the community.

“Thank you, Wakif, a person who gave his property for the waqf, and Dompet Dhuafa, for entrusting us to manage the waqf well,” he told Dompet Dhuafa.

According to him, the quality of the construction of this waqf well is better than before. “We prioritize quality with the hope that this waqf well will be longer,” said Agus.

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Zamaksyari, the program envoy from DD Banten, also thanked all stakeholders who had realized this waqf well. He hopes that the presence of this waqf well will provide broad benefits for the surrounding community, especially students.

“Hopefully it can be sustainable, lasting, and useful,” he hoped.