Broadcast Islamic Economy Dompet Dhuafa Receives Visit to MRI CARD Philippines

JAKARTA – Dompet Dhuafa received visits and meetings from CARD MRI, one of the financial institutions in San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines, in the Learning Exchange program. On the fourth day, fourteen MRI CARD teams visited the Central Dompet Dhuafa Office located at Philanthropy Building, Jl. Warung Jati Barat No.14, Jati Padang, Pasar. Sunday, South Jakarta.

On Thursday (2/3/2023), the MRI CARD group arrived in Jakarta. Previously, the fourteen guests had visited Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) Yogyakarta and learned a lot about Islamic Microfinance in Indonesia. 

“Dompet Dhuafa has always accompanied and supported the efforts of micro Islamic financial institutions so during those 3 days yesterday in Yogya they learned about Islamic microfinance, its spirit, its principles, its theological basis, its contracts, and how the Sharia transaction agreement is implemented in agricultural financing, animal husbandry, market traders and so on,” said Haryo Mojopahit, General Manager (GM) of Communication and Strategic Alliances.

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Besides studying the implementation of Islamic Microfinance in Indonesia, CARD MRI also wants to learn much about ZISWAF and community empowerment managed by Dompet Dhuafa. 

Upon arrival at Dompet Dhuafa Pusat, the fourteen teams from CARD MRI were welcomed by the Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer team, followed by a presentation on philanthropreneurship delivered by Haryo Mojopahit as GM of Communication and Strategic Alliances. Led by Aristeo A. Dequito, the MRI CARD team seemed enthusiastic about listening to the presentation. According to Aristeo, Dompet Dhuafa and MRI CARD have the same main goal in alleviating poverty. 

“That almost a line with us, it’s really good to know your organization really like helping a government. We can help as a same with Card MRI that’s our objective to help our government especially in decorating the poverty, (terjemahan: hampir sejalan dengan kami, sangat baik mengetahui organisasi Anda sangat suka membantu pemerintah. Kami dapat membantu sama dengan Kartu MRI itulah tujuan kami untuk membantu pemerintah kami terutama dalam memberantas kemiskinan),” ujar Aristeo kepada Dompet Dhuafa.

Followed by the presentation of material on zakat management and mustahik empowerment delivered by Ustadz Ahmad Pranggono. On this occasion, a discussion session was also opened related to the implementation of Islamic microfinance on the MRI CARD, they have a sharia service unit called Syariah Inspired Microfinance which already has 80,000 customers who are predominantly Muslim spread across the Southern Philippines. 

“They also hope to make Islamic banks rich in the Philippines. Therefore, this is strategic yes to develop the Islamic economy in the future and also strengthen the halal industry in the Philippines, we welcome and God willing, we will also bring several Islamic microfinance institutions in Indonesia to the Philippines to learn about micro assurance, to learn about how they manage the financial business so that it is balanced from the aspect of community empowerment and also social entrepreneurship”, Haryo said. 

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CARD MRI  is an institution with a common goal to eradicate poverty in the Philippines and uphold the lives of the Filipino people. Founded in December 1986 as a social development foundation committed to empowering women and families experiencing social and economic hardship to finally turn them into citizens responsible for their communities and neighborhoods.

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“It’s good to have  partner like Dompet Dhuafa because this of the same vision and we need collaboration we need partnership because in that way we can improve we can expand our program because in five years our main goals to reach 20 million clients and surving around 80 million individuals providing insurance and hopefully we can share also our experiences in Dompet Dhuafa hopefully that can help in your expansion also because our partner project thats sharia program, (terjemahan: baiknya bermitra seperti Dompet Dhuafa karena ini satu visi dan kita perlu kolaborasi kita perlu kemitraan karena dengan begitu kita bisa berkembang kita bisa memperluas program kita karena dalam lima tahun tujuan utama kita mencapai 20 juta klien dan sekitar 80 juta individu yang menyediakan asuransi dan semoga kami dapat berbagi juga pengalaman kami di Dompet Dhuafa semoga dapat membantu dalam ekspansi Anda juga karena proyek mitra kami adalah program syariah,” pungkas Aristeo. 

The visit was followed by a tour around the Central Dompet Dhuafa Office by visiting each floor and knowing about the divisions in Dompet Dhuafa. (Dompet Dhuafa/Anndini)