Dompet Dhuafa and Distribute Dozens of School Kits for Banten Orphans Bagikan Puluhan School Kit

BANTEN — Dompet Dhuafa and distributed School Kit Packages to 42 orphans in Cibuah Village, Warunggunung, Lebak on Thursday (7/9/2023). This action is part of the Orphan Gift Program for beneficiaries who are classified as school children from various levels of education.

Cibuah Village was chosen as the location for the distribution of School Kit Packages, because this area is considered an area with low welfare levels. This location is also one of the Healthy Areas, which is an area of special concern to Dompet Dhuafa under the assistance of the Free Health Service (LKC).

At that time, Cibuah Village was suffering from the dry season. The soil was suffering from drought. Thus, the community’s farming activities had to stop. In fact, farming is the main livelihood of the Cibuah Village community.

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Distribution of the Orphan Gift program presented by Bagikan Puluhan School Kit
Distribution of the Orphan Gift program presented by

Digital Partnership Officer, Affrizal said that this action is a form of concern for Dompet Dhuafa and clients and partners for disadvantaged children who have been left behind by their parents since childhood. With the provision of School Kit Packages, it is hoped that they will be more active in learning, so that one day they can realize their dreams.

“This School Kit package is a form of appreciation to those who continue to be enthusiastic about learning amidst the shortage of family members. We keep their spirit to keep developing and studying hard. Hopefully one day what they aspire to will be realized,” said Arnas.

Meti Indriani as LKC Dompet Dhuafa Cadre in the Cibuah Village Healthy Area expressed her gratitude to as a partner of kindness in this Orphan Gift Program. She said that they, the orphans who are the beneficiaries of this program, were so happy when they received information that there would be assistance with school supplies.

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Distribution of the Orphan Gift program presented by

One of the children who enthusiastically expressed her excitement was Dian Irawati, a 4th grade elementary school student. She felt happy because her school equipment became more complete. She is also willing to be more enthusiastic in undergoing the learning process at her school.

“Thank you for the school tools. My school equipment has increased a lot and is complete,” he said.

Furthermore, to ensure that the school equipment provided is well used, LKC Dompet Dhuafa Healthy Cadres will continue to monitor the development and enthusiasm of children in every learning process, both at school and outside of school hours. (Dompet Dhuafa/Muthohar/Syafira)