Dompet Dhuafa Holds Graduation Ceremony for GenZakat Scholarship Recipients and Soft Launching of Graduates’ Books

GenZakat Terbit Scholarship

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — On Sunday (8/10/2023), a joyful atmosphere filled the Regional Library Hall (Pusda) of South Sumatra Province. A total of 11 students who are beneficiaries of the GenZakat Terbit scholarship, the South Sumatra Dompet Dhuafa Education Program, officially graduated. This graduation ceremony was also attended by parents/guardians of GenZakat Terbit scholarship recipients.

In addition to being a historic moment for the graduates, this graduation also became a stage for their works, namely a children’s anthology book. This work includes short stories and fables, the result of the writing lessons they received during the scholarship program.

Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra (South Sumatra) Branch Manager Rizki Asmuni was on hand to address the audience. In his speech, Rizki also motivated the graduates and their parents.

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Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel gelar wisuda penerima manfaat Beasiswa GenZakat Terbit
Branch Manager of Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra when giving a speech at the Graduation of GenZakat Scholarship Recipients.

“We have gone through every stage well, and we have learned a lot from the speakers we have presented. We hope that parents will continue to maintain and enrich these good values. As well as, achieve higher achievements in the future,” he said.

Furthermore, Rizki Asmuni also conveyed plans to multiply children’s anthology books and develop reliable writers in Palembang.

“The experience in GenZakat Terbit is the starting point of success and discovery of interest in writing, which then led them to become reliable writers. Parents need to support and facilitate their children’s desires, especially in this literacy field,” he added.

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Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel gelar wisuda penerima manfaat Beasiswa GenZakat Terbit
Graduation Procession of GenZakat Terbit Scholarship Recipients.

The graduation ceremony and book soft launching were also attended by Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra Program Manager, Penta Agustina, and Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra Education Program Staff, Dahlia Oktamia. They jointly witnessed the brilliant achievements of the GenZakat Terbit scholarship beneficiaries who are committed to continuing to inspire through their writing.

Thank you to all partners who contributed to the success of the GenZakat Terbit Scholarship Program, such as FLP South Sumatra, the Rangkul community, and others. (Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatera/Ahb/Ronna)