Endoskeletal Prosthesis for Dhuafa Disabilities Presented by the Family of the Late Hadi Waluyo

SERPONG, TANGERANG — The first time they got help and tried an Endoskeleton Prosthesis-type prosthetic leg, they, friends with disabilities, not only had to awaken their confidence again but also the memory loss from the way they stepped foot.

That situation describes 3 (three) words read: survive, rise, and move. They practised the walking pattern again with an iron fulcrum in a rehabilitation centre. Whatever the cause of illness, congenital birth, or accident. Not only are limbs lost, but the impact of some income is also reduced.

People with disabilities practice walking using endoskeleton prosthesis-type prosthetic legs in rehabilitation therapy centres.

“Endoskeletal Prosthesis is a type of bony prosthetic leg, the choice of components is varied, the single foot is an axis, so it can move flexibly and adjust the contours of the road,” said Bagas Bayu Sakti S. Tr. Op. as the Coordinator of Prosthetic Orthotic Rehabilitation, in the Dompet Dhuafa team.

Through the Free Health Service (LKC), Dompet Dhuafa distributed donations from Endoskeletal Prosthesis prosthetic legs to 5 (five) beneficiaries at a PT. Pratama Rehabilitation Center, Serpong, Tangerang, on Thursday (29/12/2022).

LKC Dompet Dhuafa Team and Rehabilitation Therapy Team when fitting socket prosthetic leg type Endoskeletal Prosthesis at the rehabilitation therapy centre.

With various stories, the Beneficiaries present included three adult men, 1 (one) woman, and one boy. Accompanied by his father, Bayu (12) said that he did not know the name of the disease he had experienced since birth.

 “Now you just want to be strong, and you can, sis,” Bayu admitted to the Dompet Dhuafa team.

“I knew it was a week after he (Bayu) was born. Of course, surprised at first; what should it be? But we accept and live this grace. Alhamdulillah, get the help of this prosthetic leg; if you buy it, the price is not bad. I am just a worker in a shoe factory who was laid off, and now I am taking Ojek Online,” said Bayu’s father.

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Bayu practised walking using an Endoskeletal Prosthesis type prosthetic leg at the rehabilitation therapy centre, accompanied by his father, the Rehabilitation Therapy team and Dompet Dhuafa.

Likewise, Jamaludin Purba (45) lost some of his income after the decision to amputate part of his right leg. However, he could not get a smile when he tried to get back on his feet and retrain his stride memory.

“It’s nice to have a prosthetic leg. Because since I got sick, my work was not optimal, so my workplace also reduced my salary,” said Jamaludin.

Jamaludin Purba, while practising walking using endoskeletal prosthesis prosthetic legs at the rehabilitation therapy centre, symbolically handed over the donation of prosthetic legs with Dompet Dhuafa.

The assistance is a mandate for zakat donations offered by the late family of Hadi Waluyo family for dhuafa with special needs. In addition to the help of prosthetic limbs, previously Dompet Dhuafa and the late family of Hadi Waluyo also distributed ABD (Hearing Aids) Audio tone assistance to children with deafness. In addition, 20 other beneficiaries will get health insurance program aid.

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Dompet Dhuafa symbolically handed over the donation of prosthetic limbs to beneficiaries at the rehabilitation therapy center.

“Before the prosthetic leg is distributed, measurements have been taken so that the prosthetic leg matches the user. Nowadays, we are socket fittings, installations, and static alignment (standing exercises), because the first time to use (prosthetic leg) is generally not used to it. So, the recommendation is to do therapy 2 (two) times a week to have a good exercise pattern. Because walking in memory, you also have to wake up again,” concluded Bagas Bayu Sakti. (Dompet Dhuafa / Dhika Prabowo)