Leaving the Capital City, This Young Farmer Is Desperate to Return to the Village to Prosper Farmers and Improve the Quality of Sinjai Coffee Sustainably

SINJAI, SOUTH SULAWESI — Two young people, Ramly and Mail, who accompanied the Dompet Dhuafa Team to enjoy a fabulous afternoon at a coffee plantation in the article Aliah Sayuti’s Experience as a Coffee Farmer Sinjai is, a beneficiary of the Dompet Dhuafa South Sulawesi empowerment program. Previously, they were two young nomads in the capital who were then determined to return to their hometown in Sinjai to become coffee farmers until they dared to start their own business.

The Pattongko Coffee Economic Empowerment Program, or Sinjai Coffee, aims to explore good agricultural potential by empowering the community through sustainable innovation. As is known, in the past, farmers used a technique known as “spoils picking,” which is picking one-pull coffee fruits simultaneously. This action makes red and green coffee fruits mixed and makes the quality of coffee products not optimal.

Slowly, Ramly and Mail took a personal approach by educating the importance of selective picking techniques. The fruit picked is only red, so the best coffee products and more volume are obtained. Coffee farmers finally realized this new picking technique; coffee beans priced at Rp2,500 per liter now rose to Rp8,500 per liter.

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Sinjai coffee itself is divided into two types, namely arabica and robusta. Mail introduced Aliah Sayuti and the Dompet Dhuafa Team to the V60 brewing method. This method was chosen so that delicious coffee beans produce a strong aroma of tropical fruits.

The empowerment of Sinjai Coffee also pays attention to the environment by still using organic fertilizers. The goal is that the soil quality is not damaged and coffee plants will not die quickly. In addition, it is also to prevent soil degradation due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. 

This Dompet Dhuafa empowerment program continues to grow and grow, from previously only having three farmers, now to 59 coffee farmers. From what was previously only a producer of raw coffee beans, it has now grown to produce the best coffee from the Land of Sinjai.

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Through Sinjai Coffee, the children of coffee farmers learn how to pick the best coffee. As time went by, the desire to enter college began to emerge from the children of the coffee farmer. This picking technique makes the coffee empowerment house talk about coffee beans and the welfare of coffee farmers in terms of economy and education.

Friends, because of your zakat trust, Dompet Dhuafa can develop a community empowerment zone in Sinjai. The great ideals of young people returning to their hometowns are continuing. Cooperation and innovation efforts are still being carried out for the better welfare of coffee farmers. (Dompet Dhuafa/Fitin)