Preserving Culture Through Charitable V-Meran ala Kharisma and Disabled (Volunesia Bootcamp Part 3)

JAKARTA — In the busy Volunesia Bootcamp 2022, Kharisma from Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer (DDV) Lampung raised a social project called V-Meran Amal (Volunteers Meran Amal). Together with 3 (three) other friends, V-Meran Amal is a project that was born and inspired by the Volunesia Bootcamp.

For them, V-Meran Amal is a unique project. Because all communities can act as Volunteers and become Meranners, all communities join and have an impact on V-Meran Amal. Every person who wants to support the disability movement and realize an inclusive environment for these people with disabilities can participate in the exhibition or raise funds.

Kharisma and her team initiated this program because they wanted to implement the materials taught during the Volunesia Bootcamp. He revealed, “My team and I are interested in collaborating with children or friends with disabilities around Bandar Lampung to become V-Meran Amal together,” said Kharisma during the final event of the Volunesia Bootcamp 2022 at the Dompet Dhuafa Philanthropy Building, last Saturday (17/9/2022).

“Various kinds of children with disabilities participate in this V-Meran project. The people with disabilities in V-Meran Amal are Down syndrome, autism, visually impaired, deaf, and mentally impaired,” he added.

Kharisma also mentioned that the invention of the V-Meran Amal project aims to preserve culture and increase the potential, ability, and creativity of people with disabilities to be able to dance and play music, for example, marawis.

Not only that, the V-Meran Amal program was created because DDV Lampung has a project that raises people with disabilities on the streets and has a project to preserve culture. “Yes, seeing that Dompet Dhuafa also has the same goal, which is to preserve culture, we finally raised the arts in Lampung and its surroundings,” he explained.

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V-Meran Amal is able to prove that people with disabilities can also participate in preserving culture. “Now, people with disabilities can benefit from it. They have been featured on TV and other events that invited them,” said Kharisma.

The funds raised from the fundraising have been distributed to the beneficiaries, including to SADILA (Sahabat Difabel Lampung/Friends of the Disabled in Lampung) and PORTDADS (Persatuan Orang Tua Dengan Anak Down Syndrome/Union of Parents with Down Syndrome Children).

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Kharisma also hopes that the Volunesia Bootcamp will continue with its sustainable goals. Furthermore, it can also be more spectacular than the first Volunesia Bootcamp. (Dompet Dhuafa / Irma DDV / Isam)