Social Services & Relief Program

As a form of service to mustahik, beneficiaries and the general public, Dompet Dhuafa in its five pillars also rolled out social services. In the realm of social services, Dompet Dhuafa maximizes its role in serving humanitarian work for the community. Among them are Community Service, Disaster Management Center, Stocking Sacrificial Animals, and Public Advocacy.

One of Dompet Dhuafa’s activities in social services is on optimizing zakat funds by providing services to mustahiq and community problems. Mainly as an effort to fulfil the basic needs of the community. Especially in the disaster sector, Dompet Dhuafa strives to provide a quick response, which is 1 x 24 hours present in the disaster field. Of course, the goal is to respond quickly and provide basic assistance to the affected communities.

Dompet Dhuafa believes that the management of the social sector must be done not only to help others. But also efforts to improve the quality of human life. Various mustahik services are presented. A touch of business capital for resilient mothers and resilient families. Then disaster response and assistance, sharing meat blessings through The Stocking of Sacrificial Animals to advocacy assistance for the community revolving on the social pillar.

In expanding the range of services Dompet Dhuafa optimizes the role of volunteering and synergizes with the assets of existing local institutions. So that it can cultivate a spirit of volunteerism in the community. Not to forget, Dompet Dhuafa also collaborates with the government as a policy maker in every humanitarian social work.