Dompet Dhuafa Deploys Advance Response Team to Pakistan

SOUTH TANGERANG — Dompet Dhuafa through the Disaster Management Center (DMC), sent an advance team on Friday (07/10/2022), to help accelerate the handling of flash flood disasters in Pakistan. The […]

C20 Submits Package of Policy Recommendations to G20 Summit

BADUNG, BALI — Acting as a multilateral platform that presents concrete deliverables for solving global challenges, the Indonesian G20 Presidency continues to get views from various groups through a number […]

4 Advantages of Waqf Millennials Need to Know

DID YOU KNOW? According to We Are Social research, currently internet users in Indonesia until the beginning of 2022 have reached 204.7 million people with a usage period of more […]

Orphan Entrepreneurship Program, YE-Pro Batch II Graduation of 81 Children

BOGOR —Yatimpreneur Ekselensia Program (YE-Pro) which is under the governance of the Ekselensia System Development (ESD) of the Human Development Institute (LPI) Dompet Dhuafa again graduated 81 beneficiary participants. They […]

Risha, DDV Volunteer Invites Volunteers to Care for ODGJ (Volunesia Bootcamp Part 5)

JAKARTA — At the Schoolunteer and Volunesia Bootcamp 2022 activities, Nurisha Kirana and her team submitted and launched the ODGJ (People with Mental Disorders) Cooperation Program. He said the program aims to […]

Dompet Dhuafa Deploys Four Emergency Response Teams in Jabodetabek

SOUTH TANGERANG — Through the Disaster Management Center (DMC), Dompet Dhuafa deployed 4 (four) flood emergency response teams in the Jabodetabek area due to the intensity of heavy rain on Thursday (6/10/2022). […]

Planting Eleven Thousand Mangrove Trees on the Coast of Central Java to Prevent Erosion

REMBANG, CENTRAL JAVA — A total of 11 thousand mangrove tree seedlings were planted in the coastal areas of Central Java on Thursday (06/10/2022). Symbolically, mangrove planting is carried out at the […]

KolaborAksi Tokopedia and Dompet Dhuafa, Developing MSMEs through the Aid of Sewing Equipment

TULANG BAWANG, LAMPUNG — People seem familiar with Tokopedia as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. In addition to being a digital trading platform, Tokopedia also shows its concern for […]

Dompet Dhuafa and BTN Syariah Collaborate to Provide Easy ZIS and Waqf Services

JAKARTA — Dompet Dhuafa strives to provide convenient services to the public in making zakat, infaq, almsgiving, waqf, and qurban. This time, Dompet Dhuafa, in collaboration with BTN Syariah, plans […]