KolaborAksi Tokopedia and Dompet Dhuafa, Developing MSMEs through the Aid of Sewing Equipment

TULANG BAWANG, LAMPUNG — People seem familiar with Tokopedia as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. In addition to being a digital trading platform, Tokopedia also shows its concern for […]

Dompet Dhuafa and BTN Syariah Collaborate to Provide Easy ZIS and Waqf Services

JAKARTA — Dompet Dhuafa strives to provide convenient services to the public in making zakat, infaq, almsgiving, waqf, and qurban. This time, Dompet Dhuafa, in collaboration with BTN Syariah, plans […]

Invite Ambulance Drivers throughout West Java, Dompet Dhuafa West Java Holds Safety Driving and Basic Life Support Training

BANDUNG — In order to reduce the number of accidents in transportation modes in Indonesia, especially the Ambulance fleet, Dompet Dhuafa West Java held a Safety Driving and Basic Life […]

Optimizing the Role of Elderly Cadres, LKC-DD Central Java Holds AoC Training on Elderly Health Movement

CENTRAL JAVA — The Free Health Service OR Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma (LKC) of Dompet Dhuafa, Central Java, held a cadre training activity for Agents of Change (AoC) in Banyumas Regency, […]

Dompet Dhuafa Waspada and DMC Deploy Tapanuli Earthquake Rapid Response Team

NORTH TAPANULI, NORTH SUMATRA — Dompet Dhuafa Waspada (Dompet Dhuafa Alert) and the Disaster Management Center (DMC) deployed a response team to accelerate the initial handling of the earthquake emergency […]

Dompet Dhuafa Helps Post Tragedy Handling at Kanjuruhan Stadium

MALANG, EAST JAVA — Dompet Dhuafa, through its East Java Branch and the Disaster Management Center (DMC), deployed a response team to help accelerate the primary handling of the chaos […]

KMP Presents in Jogja to Maximize Mosque Potential and Poverty Alleviation Solutions

YOGYAKARTA — Attended by more than 52 participants from mosque leaders throughout Yogyakarta, Dompet Dhuafa held a forum for the Kongres Masjid Pemberdaya (KMP) or Empowering Mosque Congress on Saturday […]

Introduce Wakaferse on the Jumat Dahsyat of September

JAKARTA — As a first step in introducing the universe program with waqf, or what is called the Wakaferse, Dompet Dhuafa held a talk show on the agenda of Mighty […]

Dompet Dhuafa Builds Water Wells for Life for Puuwatu Residents of Southeast Sulawesi

SOUTHEAST SULAWESI — Dompet Dhuafa Southeast Sulawesi built a drilled well in the midst of the community of Punggolaka Village, Puuwatu District, Kendari City. On Sunday (2/10/2022) Dompet Dhuafa held […]