Thousands Die, Dompet Dhuafa Calls for an End to Israeli Violence Against Palestine

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GAZA, PALESTINE — The escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel on Saturday (10/7/2023) shocked the world, as hundreds of people were killed. According to AFP news agency, Monday (9/10/2023), the Israeli military deployed fighter jets, helicopters, airplanes, and IDF (Israeli army) artillery to attack the Gaza Strip.

The attack by Palestinian freedom fighters that morning was in response to a series of violent incursions by Israeli settlers—allowed by their government—into Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Israeli settlers have carried out a series of violent attacks against Palestinians—at least 700 times during 2023—in the West Bank. This is the highest number of attacks ever recorded.

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The motive behind the Israeli settlers’ attacks is that they want to expand their territory and build settlements on land inhabited by Palestinians. It is known that the Israeli government plans to build approximately 5000 new Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank. According to international humanitarian law, Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land are illegal.

Sikap Dompet Dhuafa atas konflik Israel Palestina

Quoting CNBC, on Monday (9/10/2023), 1,200 people have died since the conflict broke out and Israel has declared war. Israel has begun a massive military operation in Gaza. Tanks and personnel carriers have been deployed near the Israel-Gaza border. The number of casualties continues to rise into the thousands.

This conflict became even more heartbreaking when a staff member of the humanitarian organization MER-C who was on the location also became a victim. On Saturday (10/7/2023), the Instagram account @mercindonesia uploaded a caption, “One of MER-C’s local staff who was on the location, Abu Romzi, was martyred as a result of this attack.”

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The news also drew condemnation from the world community. Calls to end the conflict and stop the bloodshed, as well as casualties, rolled in from the world community, of course also from Dompet Dhuafa.

Sikap Dompet Dhuafa atas konflik Israel Palestina

As a representative, Dompet Dhuafa’s Director of Communication and Technology, Prima Hadi Putra, conveyed the organization’s stance on the tragedy. As a humanitarian organization, Dompet Dhuafa calls for an immediate halt to the escalation of violence in Palestine, in order to avoid more civilian casualties.

“Many civilians have been victimized. Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured due to the fighting. So, the warring parties should immediately stop the escalation of violence to avoid more civilian casualties. So as not to add to the long list of victims in the conflict,” said Putra.

Now, Dompet Dhuafa is communicating with partners in Palestine to distribute aid to the people affected by the conflict. Dompet Dhuafa is trying to mobilize humanitarian assistance for civilians who are victims of violence so that they can meet their basic needs in the form of health services, medicines, and food.

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“It is being communicated with Dompet Dhuafa partners there. DMC plans to send food aid for the initial stage. Health support is in the process of coordination, because the situation is difficult. But, God willing, we will respond. We will update again later,” continued Putra.

Sikap Dompet Dhuafa atas konflik Israel Palestina (Palestine)

Dompet Dhuafa’s Ambulance in Palestine Hit by Attack

In addition, the Indonesian Hospital and Dompet Dhuafa Ambulance that were carrying out humanitarian missions in the Gaza Strip were also targeted by Israeli missiles. Dompet Dhuafa regrets that Israel attacked the health service mobilization that was present at the conflict site to carry out a humanitarian mission.

“We deeply regret the attack on the medical team and ambulance that served with universal humanitarian principles. These ambulances are always present and enter directly in conflict zones during war. Many have been helped by it, and the benefits have been felt,” said Putra.

Ambulance Dompet Dhuafa dalam konflik Israel Palestina
Dompet Dhuafa ambulance hit by conflict attack.

After the situation subsides, Dompet Dhuafa through humanitarian partners there will review the condition of the affected ambulance. If the humanitarian vehicle is no longer possible to operate, God willing, Dompet Dhuafa will re-plan the ambulance procurement needs there.

Dompet Dhuafa also hopes that peace will continue to emerge on this Earth. May the conflict between Palestine and Israel no longer bring sorrow and tears.

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