Ramadan Gathering brings Heroes of Kindness closer together

Gathering Ramadan Mendekatkan

JAKARTA — Indonesia has been named the most generous country in the world according to the 2021 World Giving Index. In the 2021 WGI, Indonesia not only led overall, but also achieved the highest rankings in three main categories, namely donations to strangers or unknown people, monetary donations, and volunteer activities. The results show that more than 80 percent of Indonesians donate money, while the level of volunteerism is three times higher than the global average.

Dompet Dhuafa as an Islamic philanthropic organization engaged in poverty alleviation through empowering the poor, has a distribution absorption rate of 99.58 percent in 2023. Dompet Dhuafa collected public funds of IDR 363.31 billion and distributed IDR 361.78 billion. Of course this is realized with a lot of collaboration from various parties who are heroes of goodness.

Talkshow series of Ramadan Gathering Closer 1445 H.

Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 1445 H, Dompet Dhuafa also initiated a special forum at The Balai Sarwono, Jakarta on Thursday (29/2/2024). At this event, Dompet Dhuafa invited various partners, including donors, corporate partners, communities, influencers, and the media. The event titled Gathering Ramadan Closer was held with the aim of preparing for Ramadan, reporting on the distribution of aid in Palestine, and explaining the programs that will be implemented during this holy month.

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“Dompet Dhuafa’s Ramadan programs are of course identical to the spread of kindness through Ziswaf (zakat, infaq, sadaqah, and waqf), we are concerned with orphans, the poor, and also people in need, to provide more benefits where last year we distributed to 2.6 million people. Hopefully, this year it can certainly increase again,” said Etika Setiawanti, Secretary of the Dompet Dhuafa Republika Foundation, in her speech.

The excitement of Ramadan Closer, present in the agenda is Chef Amanda, who also supports various Dompet Dhuafa programs.

Ramadan, as we all know, always brings great joy. In this blessed month, Allah bestows many virtues, giving hope to every individual to strengthen human values. Ramadan is also a valuable opportunity to interpret our relationship with Allah and others. In Indonesia itself, a new issue has emerged: extreme poverty, where some people do not have access to resources that might guarantee their lives, both today and in the future.

“That is why Dompet Dhuafa uses the tagline #RamadanMendekatkan, in addition to personally in the worship scheme we strive for 30 days of Ramadan is an opportunity for those of us who cannot be close to Allah Swt every time so intensely. But, at least there is one month that we use to bring those who are able to get closer to those in need, those who are in excess with those who are lacking, or can together give each other happiness, “said Bambang Suherman as Deputy 1 of the Dompet Dhuafa Republika Foundation.

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The partners of kindness who always accompany Dompet Dhuafa in broadcasting kindness.

In this close opportunity, Dompet Dhuafa is present as a bridge to be able to connect between people. The momentum of Ramadan is used as an access for Muslims who will carry out fasting, ensuring that they can suhoor and break the fast properly. A series of events with various programs are attempted by Dompet Dhuafa to bring people closer. This is a source of happiness, especially for those who face limitations.

Super Volunteer Dompet Dhuafa (Left) Bella Fawzi – (Right) Aliyah Sayuti attended the Ramadan Gathering.

Furthermore, Rina Fatimah as Chairperson of Ramadan 1445 H Dompet Dhuafa revealed, in this Ramadan Closer there are many programs presented based on five program pillars, namely social, health, education, economy, culture and da’wah.

“Dompet Dhuafa has a number of social programs, including Ceria Bersama Anak Yatim, which is breaking the fast with 1445 orphans at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). We also carry out the THR program for family fighters, realizing that there are groups of people who cannot enjoy THR, “said Rina.

Various wishes written by Dompet Dhuafa’s good partners at the Ramadan Gathering to Bring Us Closer
Ramadan Gathering – Prepare Your Ramadan Journey Thursday (2/29/2024).

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Rina added, in the field of education, there is a Ramadan Quran Camp program that will be held in early April 2024, located at the Green Lido Tahfidz Islamic Boarding School. For health, Dompet Dhuafa provides Healthy Nutrition Packages and provides health services at Healthy Posts in 24 Healthy Areas.

Dompet Dhuafa’s Dai Ambassadors will also carry out da’wah programs in several countries. As a routine tradition every Ramadan, Dompet Dhuafa will also carry out Tebar Zakat Fitrah in remote areas. In addition, the Mudik Program, which will provide homecoming posts at seven points towards the end of Ramadan, provides various services such as health checks, massages, and haircuts. There is also the Ramadan in Palestine program and the Quran braille alms, which aims to share the Quran with our brothers and sisters who are visually impaired.

Akbar Saddam as Plt. GM Communication and Strategic Partnership of Dompet Dhuafa’s Disaster Management Center (DMC), explained Dompet Dhuafa’s involvement in the tragedy that occurred in Palestine.

For the past few years, Dompet Dhuafa has been assisting the people of Indonesia in distributing aid for Palestine. Currently, the Palestinians are flocking to Rafah, hoping that Rafah can be a safe zone for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Despite being located near the Egyptian border, the Palestinians in Rafah continue to face attacks from Israel. In fact, it is difficult for international aid to reach them due to the obstruction on the Rafah border occupied by the Israeli side.

However, with all limitations, Dompet Dhuafa carries out this mandate with the tremendous support from the people of Indonesia. Akbar Saddam as Plt. GM Communication and Strategic Partnership of Dompet Dhuafa’s Disaster Management Center (DMC) said that Dompet Dhuafa also collaborates with the Indonesian government and good partners such as the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA).

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“Until now, we have provided around 250 food packages. In the health sector, we have provided around 2,650 blanket packages for children and adults, as well as mattresses. Dompet Dhuafa’s public kitchen has prepared 1,000 portions of food per day for a month in North Gaza, before conditions become increasingly difficult. In an effort to help Kamal Adwan Hospital operate, we provided fuel, medical equipment, and donated two ambulances after they were damaged by the aggression in Palestine,” Akbar said.

Aiman Ricky was also present at the Ramadan Gathering.
Prayer for ease in the holy month of Ramadan.

In addition, Dompet Dhuafa also provided additional fuel at Kamal Adwan Hospital and medical equipment for prepared meals for medical personnel and refugees around Kamal Adwan Hospital. Dompet Dhuafa also provided 200 shelters or tents that will be distributed in Rafah for medical personnel and refugees around Kamal Adwan Hospital.

Alhamdulillah, with a total of 94,107 beneficiaries through various programs, such as food, evacuation, health services, logistics, ready-to-eat food, fuel, medicines, medical equipment, and medical supplies, Dompet Dhuafa is committed to continue helping people in Palestine. The follow-up plan will include the provision of logistics, iftar, Ramadan parcels, ambulance units, health services, clothing, blankets, hygiene kits, baby kits, shelter, and reparation kits.

Ramadan Closer Study with Ustaz Hilman Fauzi.
Hajat Santoso, a donor who has been with Dompet Dhuafa for 10 years in channeling Ziswaf funds.

Alhamdulillah, even after 30 years, Dompet Dhuafa continues to channel the donor’s mandate. This was felt by Hajat Santoso, one of the donors who has been involved for 10 years in broadcasting goodness with Dompet Dhuafa.

“I see that everything I have entrusted to Dompet Dhuafa has been carried out well. So, my trust in Dompet Dhuafa is getting stronger. Especially activities to help victims of Zionist Israel, we are very supportive. I really believe in Dompet Dhuafa. I would like to thank Dompet Dhuafa for helping me to channel my desires, such as getting closer to Allah Swt and I always tell my family and relatives that remember our brothers and sisters who are in unpleasant conditions. So, what Dompet Dhuafa has done has a very big impact on them. Hopefully Dompet Dhuafa will succeed in gaining greater trust from the people of Indonesia,” said Hajat. (Dompet Dhuafa)

Text and Photo: Anndini Dwi Putri
Editor: Dhika Prabowo