Dimas’s Testimony Joins Dompet Dhuafa Volunteers

CIANJUR, WEST JAVA — “When I can interact and listen to people’s complaints and accompany them to be able to smile again, it was a memorable experience for me,” admitted […]

Successful Amil Certification Degree, Dompet Dhuafa Graduates 174 CADP 2022 Participants

Bogor – Dompet Dhuafa held the graduation ceremony of the Certified Amil Development Program (CADP) 2022 at Darmawan Park Sentul, Bogor, on Wednesday (28/12/2022). CADP is one of the agendas to […]

Together With PT. Fellow Medika Indonesia, DD Sultra Holds Mass Circumcision

SOUTHEAST SULAWESI – PT. Sejawat Medika Indonesia collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa Sulawesi Tenggara held a Mass Circumcision Social Service with the theme of Khitan Ceria. This event took place at […]

Endoskeletal Prosthesis for Dhuafa Disabilities Presented by the Family of the Late Hadi Waluyo

SERPONG, TANGERANG — The first time they got help and tried an Endoskeleton Prosthesis-type prosthetic leg, they, friends with disabilities, not only had to awaken their confidence again but also […]

Discuss the International Da’wah Outlook with Media, MUI and Academics

JAKARTA — At the International Da’wah Outlook 2022 event at the Grand Whiz Points Simatupang, Jakarta, on Thursday (29/12/2022), the Da’wah Service Division of Dompet Dhuafa presented several speakers to […]

TDW Resources & Dompet Dhuafa Share #KadoAkhirTahun for Orphans

JAKARTA – Towards the end of 2022, Dompet Dhuafa together with Tung Desem Waringin (TDW) Resources successfully held a compensation event for orphans at Waroeng Steak & Shake Bintaro on […]

The Holiday Season Is Not Just Traveling, It Is Also Necessary To Tadabbur Nature, what is it?

The end of the year became one moment that many people have been waiting for. The reason is that holidays occur in parallel at this time, ranging from the Christmas […]

Collaborating with Dompet Dhuafa Jatim, YBM BRILiaN RO Surabaya Inaugurates EDUWISATA BRILiaN Farm

MOJOKERTO, EAST JAVA — The Baitul Mal Foundation (YBM) BRILiaN RO Surabaya together with Dompet Dhuafa East Java, alhamdulillah, inaugurated the BRILiaN FARM Livestock and Edutourism Center program in Padusan […]

Flash Floods of Mecca Until Snow Covers Saudi Arabia, Signs of the End Times?

Two significant events that caught the attention of Muslims occurred in Arab countries at the end of 2022, namely flash floods in the City of Mecca and the appearance of […]