30 Orphans Learn Disaster Mitigation with DMC Dompet Dhuafa

TANGERANG SELATAN — As many as 30 orphans assisted by the Tangsel Young Friends Community (SEMUT KECIL) visited the Disaster Management Center (DMC) headquarters of Dompet Dhuafa to learn about […]

Preserving South East Sulawesi’s Silat Culture, Dompet Dhuafa Launches Serambi Budaya

KENDARI, SULTRA — Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) has 11 intangible cultural heritages (WBTB) designated by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) RI, one of which is traditional martial arts culture. […]

Preserving Culture Through Charitable V-Meran ala Kharisma and Disabled (Volunesia Bootcamp Part 3)

JAKARTA — In the busy Volunesia Bootcamp 2022, Kharisma from Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer (DDV) Lampung raised a social project called V-Meran Amal (Volunteers Meran Amal). Together with 3 (three) other […]

Entitled Sis Tania, DMC Holds UDM Training Disaster Preparedness for Vulnerable Groups and The Elderly

DEPOK, WEST JAVA — On Thursday morning (29/09/2022), the Disaster Management Center (DMC) of Dompet Dhuafa held an active Urban Disaster Management (UDM) for vulnerable groups and the elderly at […]

DD Waspada distributed Aid for Dozens of Children of Langkat Fire Survivors

LANGKAT, SUMUT – A total of 22 children in Telaga Said Village, Sei Lepan District, Langkat Regency, received Aid in the form of school shoes from Dompet Dhuafa Thursday (29/9/2022). […]

The Government Intensively Invites Sukuk Waqf, What Is Sukuk Waqf?

In an effort to support the National Movement for Waqf Money (GNWU) launched by the government to help the development of social investment and the development of productive waqf in […]

Welcoming the Month of the Prophet’s Maulid, Dompet Dhuafa with the Pejuang Subuh and INUBE Circumcises Hundreds of Orphans and Dhuafas

JAKARTA – Entering the birth month of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. (Rabiul Awal 1444 H.), Dompet Dhuafa, together with the Yayasan Pejuang Subuh and Ibu Nusantara Berbagi (INUBE), held a […]

Waqf for the Deceased, How is the Law?

Not only world investment, we as Muslims are also always instructed to think about the investment of the afterlife. Waqf is one of the practices that will be very useful […]

Strengthening Healthy Area Program Implementation, LKC-DD Holds Training for LKC-DD Regional Heads throughout Indonesia

BOGOR, WEST JAVA — To strengthen the implementation of the Healthy Area Program spread across 12 points of Dompet Dhuafa’s Free Health Service (LKC) program throughout Indonesia, LKC-DD held a […]